Sanibel Villa  Thousand Oaks

Wildlife on Thousand Oaks

Being surrounded by wooded preserve and having the 40 acre lake at its centre, Thousand Oaks attracts lots of local wildlife, some more welcome than others.

Do not feed the animals!  In particular the alligators, as it is illegal and you could end up with a hefty fine. Worse still for the animals, as if they are encouraged and as a result become a nuisance they probably will end up having to be destroyed. I'm not sure whether this alligator I photographed swimming on the lake is around any more, but where there is water always assume there are gators not far away.

Photo Gallery

Ali the Aligator
Illegal to Feed Alligators
Wildlife photographed by guests - John Agnew Aug 09
Racoon August09 Bass caught on the Lake Bass caught on Lake Tahopekaliga Lake view from boat
 Racoon   Bass caught on the lake. Are there bigger ones in there? His big brother caught on Lake Tohopekaliga 10lb 3 oz A rare view of the lake from boat
Wildlife photos
Golden Silk Spider  Fish in the street  Another Racoon  Family of racoons 
Watch where you walk he's big! Golden Silk Spider -  Ph: Mark
& Julie Kearns
After heavy rain this catfish ended up in the street. (Breezy Oaks Court) Another racoon  There is usually a whole family around 
Turkey Trot      
Wild Turkey      
Armadillo  Sandhill Crane on lawn  Birdbath - Sandhill Crane   
Armadillo  Ph: by Geoff Taylor from Inverurie Sandhill Crane  Sandhill crane cooling off!  Turkey trot